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Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower Invitation Card

Magical Tea PartyAlice in Wonderland Bridal Shower Invitations

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What better way to celebrate a soon-to-be bride than at her bridal shower? Show her how much she means to you with this beautiful Alice in wonderland themed invitation! The design features a classic lettering, perfectly complimented by the watercolor illustrations. The template can be edited online with our template editor and downloaded as a JPEG image file or PDF document so that you can print it at home or with any professional printer.

Alice in Wonderland is a popular bridal shower theme because it is a timeless story about the perils of growing up. The protagonist Alice is a girl who falls down a rabbit hole and enters an imaginative world. This story represents the journey from innocence to experience, from dependence to independence. It captures the imagination of children and adults alike by its sense of wonder, beauty, and playfulness.

Alice in Wonderland has been a popular party theme for many years. The story is full of imaginative and whimsical characters, so it makes sense that people would want to have a party themed after it.

A bridal shower is a party thrown by the bride's friends to show their support and love for the bride-to-be. It is usually organized before the wedding. It’s an event where all the bride’s closest friends gather to celebrate the upcoming marriage and give her some practical gifts to help set up a home. The guests of honor are usually female friends, but it can also be the mother, sister, or other family members.


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