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Wedding Trends 2023

As the world slowly emerges from the disruption caused by Covid-19, wedding trends for 2023 are beginning to emerge. From bold colors to the revival of 80s fashion to the rise of destination weddings, this year promises to be a trend-setter when it comes to weddings. Here are some of the trends to look out for in 2023.

How to plan the perfect Quinceañera Party

As a Latina girl, there's a good chance you're looking forward to your quinceañera. It is a big deal! Your quinceañera is basically a coming-of-age celebration, and it's important to plan it right. Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect party.

10 Great Ideas for a Baby Shower Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is a wonderful way to impress guests at a baby shower. There are many different ways to style a charcuterie board, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to ingredients. Here are 10 great ideas for a baby shower charcuterie board.

How to plan a party: The First Birthday Checklist

The first birthday is one of the most important days in your child's life. It is a day to celebrate their life and all that they have accomplished in their first year. As a parent, you want to make sure that this day is special and memorable. Here are some tips on how to organize and plan your child's first birthday party.

How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Baby Shower?

If you're one of the millions of Americans expecting a child in the next few months, chances are you've thought about your baby shower. With so much going on, throwing a baby shower on a budget is becoming crucial.

So how do you throw a baby shower on a budget? How do you plan a great baby shower without breaking the bank?

Read on to find out more about baby shower ideas that are both fun and frugal!

6 Fun and Unique Baby Shower Games to Play with Your Guests

When it comes to planning a baby shower, you want to make sure that you are putting every ounce of thought and creativity into your game plans. There’s nothing worse than throwing an uninspired party where everyone feels bored, awkward, and like they won’t remember any of it by the end of the night. This means that in order for your guests to have fun and feel involved with the party, you will need to come up with some great games that get everyone collaborating instead of feeling like spectators on the sidelines.

How to organize a Virtual Baby Shower?

There is an alternative to a real party, and it is not new. Even before the whole Corona situation, people already had virtual baby showers. That means you celebrate by meeting your friends and family online with a video group chat.