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6 Fun and Unique Baby Shower Games to Play with Your Guests

When it comes to planning a baby shower, you want to make sure that you are putting every ounce of thought and creativity into your game plans. There’s nothing worse than throwing an uninspired party where everyone feels bored, awkward, and like they won’t remember any of it by the end of the night. This means that in order for your guests to have fun and feel involved with the party, you will need to come up with some great games that get everyone collaborating instead of feeling like spectators on the sidelines. Whether your friends are giving you ideas or you’re coming up with everything on your own, here are six unique ideas for baby shower games. Read on to find out more!

ring toss game on a green

Ring Toss Game

Ring toss games are a classic that can be played at any party, and a baby shower is no exception. The rules are straightforward: two teams will be given a set of rings that they will try to throw onto one of two wooden pegs or posts. You will probably want to set up the pegs some distance apart, since the rings can get pretty large. This is a great game for a large group, and it’s simple enough for people to get the hang of quickly. You can also use this game to determine which team has to supply the next round of drinks.

Limbo Game

This is a classic party game that has been played at birthday parties and bar mitzvahs for decades, but it can easily be altered to fit a baby shower theme. The rules are simple: one player will bend over and put their hands on the ground while their team members will hold the player’s legs. The goal is for the players to move the person holding their legs over the person’s head and put him or her in the limbo position. If they can do so without touching the ground or being knocked over by the person holding their legs, the limbo player will be able to stand up again. This game is both silly and fun, and it can easily be played by all ages.

people sitting on a couch during a baby shower party

Buzzing Baby Game

This one is a great twist on the classic knock-knock joke and can be played in a group of any size. Simply have everyone sit in a circle and start at one person on the outside and work your way around the circle, each person saying one knock-knock joke. When you get to the person in the middle, they will say “buzzing baby” instead of “knock-knock.” The person who said the joke will then have to repeat what they said while the person in the middle acts out the joke as best she can. This game is not only fun, but it’s a great way to get people talking and feeling comfortable with each other. You can also adjust the rules to include a time limit or allow the people in the middle to re-tell the joke whenever they want. This is a great game for smaller groups and can be played in conjunction with another game for larger gatherings.

Gender Reveal Game

If you are throwing a baby shower for someone who is having a baby and you don’t know the sex of the child yet, you can play a fun game related to the baby’s gender. This is a game that you can play with a large group, so it’s perfect for a shower. Simply have each person write down what they think the baby’s gender is and put their name on the paper. You can either have the guests bring their papers themselves or have them write the name of someone who isn’t there on the paper. Then, cut up the papers and put them in a bowl or box. Have each person write down the name of one person who was at the party and draw one paper out of the bowl. Whoever’s name comes out first is the winner. This is a great game for people who don’t want to guess the baby’s gender themselves and don’t know the parents well enough to get a clue.

Don't Touch Game

This is a game that you only need a small number of people to play. Simply have your guests pair up and sit facing each other. One person will be the “don’t touch” person while the other will be the “touch” person. The touch person will have a piece of paper with the word “don’t touch” written on it. The don’t touch person will have a piece of paper with the word “touch” written on it. The goal is for each team to get the other person to say the word on their paper without actually touching them. The don’t touch person should just sit there while the touch person tries to get them to say the word without touching them. This is a fun game that will really get people laughing and thinking creatively.

Feed The Baby Game

This is another game that can be played with a large or small group. Simply have your guests bring snacks that are baby-themed. Some good ideas for baby-themed snacks are dried beans and peas, pieces of bread, and small pieces of cheese. Use an empty baby bottle or small container like a margarine tub to throw the snacks around the room. Have guests try to catch the snacks in the baby bottle or other container, and they will have to eat it when they catch it. Whoever ends up with the most baby-themed snacks in their container at the end of the game is the winner.


There are few occasions as joyous as a baby shower. You want your guests to have a great time and remember the fun times they had with their friends and family members. With the help of these 10 fun and unique baby shower games, you can make sure that everyone has a memorable experience. What’s more, you can use these games to learn more about your friends, including who is the best at catching food in a bottle!